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about me

I am a scientist and science writer

I am a microbial geneticist and an expert biotechnology science writer with extensive knowledge on life sciences.

Let me help you by developing strategies and content that is aimed to elevate, amplify, and explain the complex work of scientists across a wide variety of areas — such as biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, medicine, and bioinformatics.   

If you have a project in mind that needs scientific and writing expertise, consult with me and we can come up with a plan just for you.


What I do

I am your go-to person for any and all scientific and technical write-ups.

Research Journal Summary

I will summarize complicated scientific writing and provide you with an easy-to-understand version., containing only the most important details that you need for your business.

White Paper

I make technical scientific reports about various broad topics and provide you with a comprehensive document that will provide you with just the right information that you need.

Academic & Grant Writing

Are you a researcher that needs some help with writing or editing your research? Or perhaps you are a scientist that needs funding and wants to submit grant proposals? Let me do that for you!

Blog & Web Content

If your business needs weekly engagement that will drive customers to your website, I can help you with SEO web content that will pique the curiosity of your target audience.

Writing Samples

White Paper

HIV in Romania

According to Adrian Streinu-Cercel, a well-known Romanian researcher on infectious
diseases, “The overall trend in Romania is great: the number of infections has gone down, and it
continues to do so. People who are registered as HIV positive are well monitored and are
directed towards regional centers, therefore the number of new infections has gone down.

Academic Writing

The Past, Present, and Future of Metagenomics

A number of ‘functional metagenomics’ approaches have been implemented in the recent years that allow high-resolution genomic analysis of uncultivated microbes, connecting them to specific functions in the environment.

Research Journal Summary

Step Volume and Mortality among older women

“[…] the associations with stepping intensity became insignificant after accounting for the number of steps take, which suggests that step volume may be more important than step intensity for this population.”

Blog article

Biohacking with Vitamin B

If you are a neophyte
biohacker who hasn’t tried anything crazy yet and is looking to dive deeper into nootropics, there is one group of vitamins that you may want to test as your starting point to supplements, the B
vitamins. [It] is the Swiss army knife of vitamins because the benefits from this group of vitamins
are seemingly endless.



Quick, efficient, high-quality content.
Ari Pailakian
CEO, Lab Pro Inc.
Kristiane was great to work with. She not only understand the science, but her written English is excellent and this has more often than not, not the case with other sellers I have hired in the past. I specifically needed her to translate science for non-experts on the subject, and she did just that. Would love to work with her again.
Anoop Grewal
CEO, Onward N Upward
Great experience with this [freelance science writer], the research was a complicated subject but they came through.
Chris Nial
Manager, Hyderus Cyf


Frequently asked questions

Can I ask you to do a project that is not offered in your services?

Of course! I am very open to new learning and new experiences and I would love to help you with your projects, especially if I find it challenging and mentally stimulating. So if you have a new and exciting project that you need help with, do not hesitate to message me!

How much do your services cost?

My base rate is $40/hr. However, I usually discuss projects first with my clients before giving them my rate specifically for that project. This is because every project is different and I calculate the cost of the project by anticipating the kind of work that I need to do to give the best quality work I can provide.

Does your rate include revisions?

Yes. I include three rounds of revisions included in every project. From my experience, three revisions is more than enough, just so we are both assured that we end up with exactly the write-up that is perfect for your needs. This also serves as a guarantee for my clients that I will only deliver the quality of work that they would be happy with.

What formatting styles are you familiar with?

Personally, I usually use APA because   it is the one I am most familiar with. However, in my several years as a science writer and researcher, I am familiar with all formatting styles so it would not be a problem if you have another formatting style in mind. 

Do you use freelance service platforms?

I do, specifically UpWork and Fiverr. If you prefer to use those platforms, you can tell me and I will easily accommodate you so that we can transfer to the freelance platform of your choice. 

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